Customer Service…..Really?

18 Dec

What is Customer Service?  To the kid at McDonalds, service is taking an order and handing back a fist full of change. Everyone’s idea is somewhat different. Better service for me would have been to count the change back to me. To the person behind me,  counting back the change is delaying his service. However, I had an experience this past week that “All” can agree was service above and beyond. While driving en route to an appointment in Santa Rosa, a noise appeared in the rear of my Chevy and the brakes became less effective. I drove straight to the Chevy dealer in Sonoma. I explained that I had an important appointment in Santa Rosa and asked if my problem could come ahead of those they were working on. No Problem. They immediately put the car on the lift and found that the brake spring had come loose, damaged the drum.  New drum and brakes had to be installed. Now the Problem.  They didn’t have the parts and they would have to be shipped from another dealer in the Bay Area.  WoW…the clock is ticking……How do I make that appointment?  I’ve driven all the way from Reno and I’m going to lose the opportunity! Before I go on, I must confess that I am really hard on the younger generation with their ear rings, tattoos and what I consider their “No Service Attitude”. The service writer, “Kid”, visually appeared to fit my mental stereotype, young, ear rings, tattoos, and a ball cap worn backwards.  In Sonoma, so close to Santa Rosa, and stuck! But wait.  The “Kid” volunteered, “Mr. Lippincott, I can see how upset you are and we normally have those parts in stock. Would you mind if I went to my manager and asked him to loan you a car? Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather…..Sure…….and when he came back and said to pick any car on the used car lot, I was blown away. I explained that I had to continue on to San Francisco and he replied, “no problem and why not come back tomorrow which will give us more time”.  Now that’s what I call customer service…..on the part of the “Kid” and his employer.  My attitude towards the “Kid’s” generation has softened as a result…….but dam it wear your hat with the bill forward!





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