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Become the expert before you start to grow

9 Nov

I had previously stated that the same skill sets used to grow a garden are the same as growing a business.  Let’s explore this thought.  But Growing a Business is many faceted. Where to start?

When I have a complex task, I use the “Eat a Elephant” method. Cut it up into small bites and eat it one piece at a time.

Just as in business and before anything happens, you have to become the expert and know all you can about your product, who is the market?, why will anyone buy it?, why at the price I can produce it for?, how do it reach the market,   etc.

Same with the plants you plan to plant.  How long is their growing season (really important in Northern Nevada), PH requirements of the soil, what plants do  well growing with and which do they not do well with, possible pests, sun and shade requirements to name just a few. The winter season gives the gardener time to become the expert. However so many people starting a business don’t take the necessary time to become the expert before they start. Becoming the expert while the business develops can be very costly.

So step one for attaining success in growing a garden or growing a business is becoming an expert for the task to be assumed.

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